Friday, November 14, 2008


Thanksgiving approaches, but I keep thinking about Halloween and my granddaughter's Wizard of Oz ensemble: Kara as the scarecrow, Anna as Dorothy, and Lydia as Toto (or TO TO as Kara pronounces (and advises others to) it!

Krista's brainstorm for the costumes began with a pair of hand-me-down ruby slippers, which Anna wants to wear every day. Someone loaned her Dorothy's dress, but then she improvised Kara's outfit, using a pair of maternity pants rolled over at the waist and ankles. With a dark green turtleneck adorned with burlap and raffia and some face makeup, Kara was applauded everywhere she wore the costume (a night at the zoo, library story time, a party, and trick-or-treating) Krista lamented that Lydia's costume wasn't quite accurate, as TOTO, depicted in the movie, was brown, and the ears more resembled a cat's, but I said who cares? Not me! Personally, I thought we needed to find a costume contest to enter!

I spent the weekend with my friend who moved to Kentucky this summer. On Friday night, her school had a Pumpkin Patch in a way I'd never experienced. Vans, SUVs, and trucks parked in the school lot and opened their back doors or tailgates which had been decorated in some appropriate way. Families arrived, and the kids trick or treated from vehicle to vehicle. Inflatables and a concession stand (serving delicious chili) added to the fun.

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