Friday, November 14, 2008

Being Remembered

A few weeks ago a former student found my email address through Google and contacted me. We have been emailing, catching up, and sharing our faith experiences and family pictures.

I've really enjoyed the communication. We're both teachers. We love Franklin, Tennessee, and a local eatery Meridee's Breadbasket. We attended the same college. We both have two boys (though his are much younger than mine). We love reading . . . the list goes on.

Being only ten years older than he, now makes us peers, so when he surprised me with a call yesterday, we just talked and talked! During the conversation, he said, "I remember something about you." Not really knowing what he would say, I wasn't prepared for this:

"You popped your contact out of your eye, put it in your mouth, and then popped it back into your eye! You were diagramming a sentence (which shows how long ago this occurred -- no one diagrams sentences anymore!), but after doing that you lost me. I think you traumatized the whole class!" I have no memory of that moment, but I did wet my contacts that way -- not something I recommend! Anyway, his memory gave me more than a good laugh!

When I was considering retirement, one of my biggest concerns was that I would miss relationships with my students. But one day, within my spirit, God said, "There will be other students." I didn't know those others would include some from long ago coming back into my life, but I'm most grateful!

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Gayle said...

I love your writings! It is so much fun to connect with former students! I still think you need to be on Facebook! Gayle