Friday, March 13, 2009

Catching Up

Where have I been for the last two months? What have I been doing?

January 18-31 finished the GKCWP newsletter, took it to the printer, picked it up, affixed address labels and mailing tabs -- my dear husband took all 100+ of them to the post office.

February 10 awoke with a strange pinching in my neck that traveled to my elbow A chiropractic adjustment and massage seemed to solve the problem.

February 12 flew to Chicago to meet some Literary Mamas and attend the American Writers and Poets conference, after which I planned on spending a few days with my sister who lives north of the Windy City.

February 13 awoke in tremendous pain -- spent the morning rearranging my flight, beseeching the hotel staff not to charge me for another night, spending an agonizing morning at the airport, wishing someone would tranquilize me during the flight home

February 14- 25 Lay in bed, on my back, studying the patterns in the textured ceiling of my bedroom.

February 26 an MRI reveals dengenerative problems in my neck. Sigh!

March 13 two cervical epidural steroid injections later, I am typing this, counting my blessings.