Friday, October 24, 2008

Word Problem and Essay

On August 16th (Same Song, Tenth Verse), Kathy set a goal to have 100 posts on her blog by October 31. Today is October 24, and Kathy has 84 posts (including this one). How many days does Kathy have to meet her goal. How many posts does she need to write to meet her goal?

Even I, dyslexic with numbers, can figure out this word problem. Kathy has 7 days to post 16 entries.

Let's turn the math question into an essay (more to my liking).

Do you think Kathy will meet her goal? Explain your answer by citing details about Kathy, her schedule, and her writing habits to support your answer.

Kathy is too tired to post 16 times in 7 days. Every day between September 15-30, Kathy's calendar was packed with activities: Writing Project duties (office work, newsletter, and writing retreat), Bible study preparation, Bible study/church/Sunday school attendance, spending a Saturday with an out-of-town friend, going to physical therapy twice a week (for a back problem) and going to the hospital (for heart palpatations caused by stress).

From Oct 7-23, Kathy again found herself coming and going as she continued her Bible study prep, church attendance, and WP office duties. Oct. 10-11 was the writing retreat. Oct.16-18 was joyfully occupied with family when her sister came home. This week she cleaned her house and began painting a bedroom and hallway. October 21 the neighborhood HOA meet at her house.

On October 27, she leaves for Kentucky, which is always packed with nonstop energy of three beautiful granddaughters. (no complaint there!) In fact, none of these are complaints on Kathy's part; her life full, and she has determined to go with the flow when her calendar events collide like a 20 car pile up.

Kathy could meet her goal if she moved some more posts from marmee's musings to here, or she could post twice a day (as she has today). But more importantly, God has been showing Kathy a lot about the pockets of perfectionism that still shadow her thinking (note previous mention of heart palpatations). He's helping her let go of impossible expectations and the dismay she feels when life doesn't go as planned. In short, He's given her permission to give herself permission to fall short of her goal, and to know that doing so is okay.


Daphne said...

Hi Marmee: I'm sorry to hear about your trip to the hospital, but very interested, as a fellow recovering perfectionist, in your posts about perfectionism. The strawberry post is an excellent illustration! It reminds me to look back and find those times when I should have left the strawberries alone.

Elizabeth said...

It's amazing that you even have regular blog posts! You've seen my blog, right? ;) 84, 100- It's a lot of good writing either way!

Debbie said...

Marmee: I'm new to your blog. I enjoy reading your stories and find myself visiting your site over and over. Your last entry reminding me of the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Could you please tell me where I can find more of your entries about that Bible Study? We all have trouble with the balances of life. Rest my friend and hope you will return soon.

debbie said...

Marmee I would love to hear more about your Bible Study on the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. It is my deepest prayer that you recover during this diffcult time. I love reading your posts....they make me smile!