Saturday, January 5, 2008

Full of Smiles

Recently my colleague and dear friend Michael described me as being "full of smiles." I do love to laugh, and since my last few posts have been on the sober side, I thought to lighten things up, which led me to think of my niece's November wedding.

Beth is an amazing young woman, and she married a great guy Brian Bell. I love their alliterative names so much I wrote their first and last names on their Christmas gift tags!

The wedding and the reception were both elegant and lovely. Tiny white lights woven through ficus trees made the reception room twinkle with the magic of a fairy tale.

Here is my favorite video clip from the weekend! While the quality is not the best, it's good enough to remind me why I'm full of smiles.

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Joyce said...

Hi Marmee,
I LOVE the name on your blog you know!
I liked your "pink" page but the green is just fine as is calming.
I was so sad to hear about the tragic loss of your Grandchild last year....I pray that you ALL will be comforted.
I DO wish you a very happy and BLESSED, New Year to come!
Joyce@The Secret Gardener