Sunday, February 11, 2007

Writing Friends

Today has been a good day for writing. Not my own but for some writing friends. In our PCLOWC, I read a beautiful piece titled "Nancy's Kitchen" written by Nancy's daughter-in-law. The piece took me back to my childhood, sitting around my Grandma Young's oak table that seated 10 people comfortably. It also reminded me of my Grandma Fizer whose hands performed magic on every chicken she fried and every cake batter she mixed (from scratch!) I've been thinking about writing about her talent for a while now. and this essay has inspired me further.

Other writing by Caroline can be found at "food for thought." The link is in my list, and I encourage you to visit there.

Then another lady (my writing partner for the next five weeks) began a blog! You can visit her at "Life Comes in Bunches Like Bananas." Her link is also in my list.

Actually, all the writers in my class who have blogs are listed in my link list. I hope you will visit them all! Some great writing is going on here -- some great "cyberspace" friendships are being forged.

Living in a writing community is so rewarding!


Caroline said...

thanks for the link, Kathy! and I would love someday to read about your two grandmas' cooking!

Susan said...

It's really beautiful to watch this community growing and making connections.