Monday, May 5, 2008

Button, Button, Who Has the Button?

With one small, pink button, Kara and I enjoyed hours of entertainment during my visit in April.

First, we played "I Spy." One of us hid the button while the other one closed her eyes. Then as we moved about the room, the hider would direct us with hints: "You're very cold." told the seeker to move to another part of the room. "You're getting warm." let us know we were headed in the right direction. "You're hot!" tipped us off to exactly where the button was!

We tried to play "Button, Button, Who Has the Button" with Mama and Daddy, but they could only play a few rounds of passing (or not) from person to person before becoming occupied with making dinner or changing a diaper, so Kara and I devised our own version.

We would put the button behind our backs and place the button inside a closed fist. Then placing our closed hands in front of us, we waited while the other guessed which hand had the button. If guessed correctly, the guesser earned a point. If we fooled the other, the button holder earned a point.

Even though I observed, Kara almost always placed the button in her left hand, and she almost always guessed the button was in my right hand, she somehow beat me 11 games to 1. Every guess was accompanied with a giggle and the repeated question, "How many points do I have now?"

I'm so thankful for the joy found in simple things, of making memories, of being Marmee.


Joyce said...
Hey Marmee,
I finally got my MeMe done...whew.

Daphne said...

What a great bunch of games! You really captured how grandma can slow down and really savor play while parents are so caught up in the day to day tasks. I remember my father-in-law's favorite game with my son was "Pennies," which involved a jar of pennies and a ruler. That was it!