Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Snow

This week brought winter's first snow, reminding me of two favorite poems.

Snowflakes by Linda Copp

Snowflakes spill from heaven's hand
Lovely and chaste as smooth white sand.
A veil of wonder laced in light,
Fall gently on a winter's night.
Graceful beauty raining down
Giving magic to the lifeless ground.
Each snowflake like a falling star,
Smiling beauty that's spun afar.
Snowflakes spill from heaven's hand,
Lovely and chaste as smooth white sand.
'Til earth is dressed in a robe of white
Unspoken poem the hush of night.

Velvet Shoes by Elinor Wylie

Let us walk in the white snow
In a soundless space;
With footsteps quiet and slow,
At a tranquil pace,
Under veils of lace.
I shall go shod in silk,
You in wool
White as white cow's milk,
More beautiful
Than the breast of a gull.
We shall walk through the still town
In a windless peace;
We shall step upon white down,
Upon silver fleece
Softer than these.
We shall walk in velvet shoes;
Wherever we go
Silence falls like dews
On white silence below.
We shall walk in the snow.

1 comment:

Daphne said...

Snow fell on me this weekend--but it was fake snow blowing off the top of the opera house before a performance of the Nutcracker! Thank you for the poems about the real thing.