Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Long Distant Friends

Friends are one of life's greatest treasures, and I'm blessed by how God has enlarged the circle of friendship in my life.

When I began working with Literary Mama, I never thought about gaining friends. But here I am today with a group of friends that I've never seen in person. Yet, I know they are reliable and trustworthy -- just as the women who were in my online writing classes -- another group I did not anticipate being so connected to.

Sometimes I wonder whether we would have become friends if we knew one another in real time. Our email communications and writing group messages are personal, but we have never discussed politics and religion -- two potentially polarizing topics. Yet, for me it does not matter. I love them and care about them unconditionally and hope someday we will have the chance to travel to a chosen destination and spend a few days together. (Preferably in Paris, where one of them lives) :)


Stacey said...

So funny that tonight was the night that I checked your blog after months of not! It is so good to connect again. When I am e-mailing, Rob always asks me if it is an imaginary friend that I am talking to- I do think that all these people I have never met are much more than imaginary friends, don't you?

Caroline said...

Yes, here's to us all meeting in Paris one day! And I think that by now, even if we found we have different views on religion & politics, it might not really matter -- the friendships are there.

Violeta said...

I agree with Caroline- I don't think it would really matter after all the intimate sharing of our stories we've done. And I vote Paris too. (But don't forget S vacations in the US too, so we could do it domestically also!)