Sunday, July 1, 2007

Being Home Alone

My "home alone" weekend ends tomorrow when my husband and his ball team return to Missouri.

What I accomplished:
  • Cleaning up my Internet Favorites. Everything is now organized into folders and sub-folders. I never did find the link I made for a site that rated bathroom scales. I know I saved it twice in "shopping" and "health." Looking for it is what inspired me to work on this in the first place! But it is such a good feeling to be organized!
  • Dead-heading my flowers before the rains cames.
  • Washing one load of towels.
  • Freshening the bathroom by removing the coat of hairspray on my side of the vanity.
  • Grocery shopping.
What I did for myself:

  • Got a haircut, which will hopefully cut down on the amount of hairspray I use!
  • Read a book: I Capture the Castle -- recommended by Columnist Libby Gruner at Literary Mama
  • Celebrated a friend's birthday with lunch and an afternoon of shopping.
  • Lived in my pjamas.
  • Visited my parents.
  • Went to church.
What I learned:
  • A whole week is a long time to be alone!
  • Living alone can be pretty boring and lonely after a while. I was be glad to see my husband!
  • I need to do more for my widowed or divorced friends who are always home alone.

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