Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back to Marmee

A member of my online writing class, offered this insight after reading my first post: "When I read the passage, I saw Marmee’s corner not as a 'perfect' place but a place that is 'as usual,' which is revealed to be something that requires daily, repetitive work to keep it so."

Hmmm. . . work . . . Isn't this what I am trying to avoid? Isn't this what prompted me to approach my blog in a different way? I liked my posts at marmee's musings, but it was the work of writing those devotionals that discouraged me.

So how is it that Marmee's corner remained "as usual" when the rest of the house fell into disarray due to the Little Women's experiment? Marmee knew the value of a routine -- the "daily, repetitive work." She knew the need to keep an uncluttered space where she could address the day's tasks. It was a space where she could be Marmee: mother, wife, and advocate.

Writing the devotionals became burdensome because I was not doing the "daily, repetitive work." Writing needs to be a regular routine; otherwise I will never have the fluency I desire, and I won't grow in the craft. I must not censor my voice and deny myself permission to explore many topics and ideas. By giving myself permission to "just write," I can sweep away the clutter of self-imposed "shoulds" and "should nots" of perfectionism.

Now I understand -- Marmee's corner remained "as usual" through a labor or love. May my motivation be the same.

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